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General Services

Speech, Language, Reading, & Processing Therapy

From our office in Phoenix, Arizona we provide service to those with auditory processing, articulation, fluency and language difficulties, as well as those who need augmentative communication.  In addition, we aid students who need remediation in reading and math. The specialized programs below are just some of the tools we use to help students become better learners. Not in the area? Check out our Speech on the Go distace therapy service.


The Lindamood Phonemic Sequencing® Program successfully stimulates phonemic awareness in children having difficulty reading and spelling. Individuals become aware of the mouth actions which produce speech sounds. This awareness becomes the means of verifying sounds within words and enables individuals to become self-correcting in reading and spelling, and speech. Children commonly gain several grade levels in decoding ability in four to six weeks of intensive instruction or make further gains in speech-language after hitting a plateau in traditional therapy. Beneficial for children labeled as "dyslexic" or "learning disabled."


The Processing and Cognitive Enhancement and Master The Code programs have been researched and developed over the last 25 years with remarkable results. They greatly strengthen our students' comprehension, focus, cognitive, and processing skill. In addition, Master The Code helps students develop increased phonemic identification and reading ability, sometimes advancing two to three grade levels. Read more about PACE training.

Nancibell® V/V

The Nancibell® Visualizing and Verbalizing for Language Comprehension and Thinking® approach successfully stimulates concept imagery. Students become able to image gestalts which include color and movement, improving their language comprehension, reasoning for critical thinking, and expressive language skills. It is common for individuals to gain years in language comprehension in four weeks of intensive instruction. Especially beneficial for children with "motivation" or "attention" problems such as ADD or ADHD.

On Cloud 9® (V/V for Math)

The On Cloud Nine® Math: A Visualizing/Verbalizing Math Program, developed by Kimberly Tuley and Nanci Bell, successfully stimulates the ability to image and verbalize the concepts underlying math processes. Concept and numeral imagery are integrated with language and applied to math computation and problem solving. There is emphasis on both mathematical reasoning and mathematical computation. Individuals of all ages learn to do and enjoy math. Great for students with "discalculia" or general difficulty in mathematics.


The Picture Exchange Communication System by Andy Bondy & Lori Frost, M.S. CCC/SLP promotes communication for a nonverbal child or adult within a social context. Training in PECS begins by teaching a spontaneous request and goes on to teach additional communicative functions such as responding to questions and commenting. A proportion of children who are trained using the PECS system have acquired independent speech. Children with autism frequently benefit from this approach in addition to traditional therapy.


Sessions are by appointment only and are 60 to 90 minutes in length. Fees vary, depending on program employed. Please contact us for more information.

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