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PACE Training

The Processing and Cognitive Enhancement (PACE) program applies the most recent scientific research to train cognitive learning skills.

These are the skills that allow us to attend to, discriminate, analyze, evaluate, and compare information. Without these skills, academic learning is nearly impossible.

Who Can Benefit?

While just about anyone can benefit from PACE to perform mental activities faster and more efficiently, PACE is usually recommended for the below-average performer. This type of student usually has one or more of the following symptoms which do not seem to improve with just extra work and tutoring:

  • trouble staying on task
  • working too slowly or too hard
  • difficulty comprehending what is read
  • problems remembering
  • poor reading, math, or spelling skills
  • easily distracted
  • repeats same errors without realizing it
  • difficulty making mental images from math word problems
  • trouble sounding out words and with spelling

PACE System

PACE is a 12-week, intensive, one-on-one program consisting of hierarchical activities targeting attention, simultaneous processing, sequential processing, planning, processing speed, short-term memory, long-term memory, auditory processing, and visual processing. We know that these skills are learned and therefore can be improved. With targeted learning and practicing of these skills with the trainer and at home with a parent, the student is able to process information to learn rather than learning to process information.

The student will see changes almost immediately and post-testing will reveal an improvement of 2 years in at least two key areas, guaranteed! The program is built on a series of successes, something your child may not have had in the past. The side-effect of this is improved self-image, attitude, and motivation.


Contact us today to learn more about PACE and set up a consultation. During the consultation we will meet with you and your child to find out if PACE is right for your child's needs. We will discuss your commitment to the program and the fees involved. Parent testimonials and student scores will be available for you to look at, and we'll even put you in touch with a parent who has been through the program before.

Also ask about Master the Code, a program that fits into the PACE system, if your student is a poor reader.

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